Running Noah

Global flood has just begun. Use your knowledge of times tables and build bridges to help Noah reach the stranded animals. Fighting against time, your only weapons are your multiplication skills and your speed. Leave no species behind!

Keep on practicing, improve your score and top the leaderboard! Become an expert in multiplication tables and get your Certificate of completion.

Running Noah is an engaging game with fast pace of play and adorable characters that will give you hours of fun while practicing multiplication tables and applying your times tables knowledge in a meaningful way.

For parents and teachers:

Fluent recall of multiplication tables is an essential prerequisite to success in multiplication. Not knowing their multiplication tables can really slow children's mathematical progress. Everyone knows it's all about practice and this can get tiresome. The fantasy context and emotional construct of Running Noah promotes the motivation and engagement of players. They are in a state of flow and willing to continue playing to complete the challenges that they face. In Running Noah players may fail many times before they succeed and this enables an iterative approach that benefits the quick recall of multiplication tables. Practice with this sort of material can help kids develop a knowledge base that results in reliable retrieval of facts and the sort of flexible application of this knowledge that is required in higher-order problems.

They said so...

“…a Game-Based App Building Multiplication Fluency”

“…an app that helps kids improve their multiplication skills”

“… it improves children’s understanding of multiplication”

“…It's a very competitive world... but this is one of the best out there.”

“…makes practicing multiplication fun by incorporating it into an endless runner game”



  • 48 levels in 4 episodes with increasing difficulty
  • Multiplication facts up to 12x12
  • 48 different species of animals to save
  • 144 bridges to build

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