Handling your device and performing all the trivial functions has never been easier. Just talk to it! We make it listen. Your device is at your voice command.

Pesto speaks and understands your language, resides at your Android smartphone or tablet and is always at your service, just a tap away from you.

Make phone calls to your contacts, write and send them SMS and e-mails, post at your favorite social media or instant messaging app, search the internet, play your favorite song or video, set the alarm, remember where you have parked, translate to 20+ languages and hear the translation with the correct pronunciation, handle your device, set a reminder ALL WITH YOUR VOICE!

Pesto is addressed to all people that want to improve their everyday life by affordable and accessible technology as well as to young gadget loving users, busy businesspeople, technology pioneers, naive smartphone users or elderly not familiar with hi-tech.

Pesto is the one and only virtual assistant available in Greek language and suitable for all Android devices. Contact us for the availability of Pesto in your language.


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